Hi! Just a bit about me for those who don’t know me… I am originally from Salisbury in the UK, near the world famous Stonehenge, where my family still live. After finishing my education there I travelled in Southern Africa and fell in love with the amazing scenery and diverse way of life.

I returned to the UK for a short period of time to work before setting off again to the lakeside town of Nkhata Bay in Malawi where I’ve been living since 2007.

I became very aware of the major hardships faced by people here, which is why in 2011, I started the Ellotte Future Building project with my husband and partner Gabriel.

We’re really pleased by progress so far and are both optimistic about the future. There always much to do and we hope that some of you will visit to see what we have achieved with your support.



Hello, I’m Gabriel Phillips-Chirwa and am Tonga by tribe. I’ve grown up and been schooled in Nkhata Bay and have studied Electrical engineering in Mzuzu for the last four years. I am very passionate about my work and also about sports and training, especially amateur boxing.

I’m the vice secretary of the Malawian Amateur Boxing Association (MABA) and take great pride in coaching and watching my boxers develop, in both the ring and in their personal lives.

I am very conscious of the social and economic problems that Malawi faces, and that’s why I want to put something back into my community. I can achieve this through my work with Sarah at Ellotte Future Building by helping to teach, train and support the under privileged.

I would like to personally thank all of you for your help and support and truly believe that one small step at a time we can change the future of the children of Nkhata Bay.